Highmark is dedicated to helping those affected by panic attacks.

Patients have reported relief in as little as one month of starting Freespira. According to results from a recent study:*

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Freespira® helps you correct the irregular breathing patterns which often trigger panic attacks.

Imagine a life free from panic.

Freespira is a treatment for Highmark members that reduces or eliminates panic attacks without medication and in only one month.

of patients reported being free of panic attacks immediately after treatment

said they were free of panic attacks 12 months after treatment

of patients would recommend Freespira to a friend or family member

What is Freespira?

How can I get Freespira?

Freespira is a self-guided, medication-free treatment that trains you to regulate your breathing, helping to prevent future panic attacks. It is used in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Freespira is a covered benefit to you as a Highmark member. Copays and coinsurance apply. To determine eligibility for Freespira, call 800-530-9380 or talk to your doctor. Coverage for Freespira is not available for members under the age of 18.


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Freespira User

Talia has suffered from anxiety for as long as she can remember. She was prescribed medication, which helped manage her anxiety but did not reduce her panic attacks. 12 months post-Freespira, Talia’s panic attacks went from 2 or 3 a month to just a few per year.

Now I never have to worry.

Alicia Kaplan, MD

Psychiatrist and Freespira Provider

“Patients avoid situations that make them panic, so their world literally becomes a lot smaller. My patients treated with Freespira have reported they experience fewer panic symptoms. And it’s giving them sustained results. So they are seeing their world — their lives — opening up again.”

...they are seeing the world - their lives - opening up again.


Freespira User

"A fear of mine was relying on medication for a condition that I wanted to learn how to treat and manage holistically. Freespira gave me the tools I needed to truly understand and use the option I had all along — my breathing. I am so grateful to have found a holistic, sustainable treatment that truly gives me control and understanding over my anxiety and panic attacks."

I am so grateful to have found a holistic, sustainable treatment…